RELATE. A video series on architecture and light

Explore our new videos series RELATE, in which we take you to astounding projects around the world, where light and architecture harmonise. We talk to inspiring architects and lighting designers that elaborate on their approach for the project, their design process and road to realisation. Get inspired to imagine, create and relate.

Episode 3. Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Chicago, USA

Lighting design
Niteo Lighting

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Starbucks currently operates six Reserve Roasteries around the world. Located in some of the most iconic buildings every single Starbucks Reserve celebrates the company’s heritage, a tribute to the roasting and the craft of coffee, presented in an immersive setting. Jason Edling and Erik Crowell – principals of Seattle based Niteo Lighting – designed the lighting on all six Roasteries. Listen to their stories in our latest Relate documentary.

The Chicago Reserve Roastery

The Chicago Reserve Roastery is the culmination of all six, Starbucks largest-ever immersive coffee experience – across five floors and 35,000 square feet of retail space. The lighting approach started from the central rotunda, housing a huge golden cask. The different layers of lighting throughout the space, from the outside to the inside illumination of the cask, to the light integrated in the custom wood slatted ceiling or the gentle spotlighting, provides for a very special moment.

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Layers of light

“Have each of the Roasteries play to the local qualities, such that no Roastery was the same. Places where the community can gather” explains Jason Edling as a starting point. Storytelling is the ultimate piece, with light contributing to the wonderful experience of each venue. “The lighting is always warm, always inviting” says Erik Crowell. 必威 proudly supported Niteo throughout all six locations.

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Episode 1. House B

In episode 1 of the RELATE video series, we meet up with architect Dirk De Meyer in Antwerp, Belgium. Enjoy a house tour a breathtaking residence, where the architect meticulously studied the sun’s movement and natural light qualities of the site, before designing the house.


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Episode 2. The Italian pavilion

“Darkness is not the opposite of light. It is the place of possibilities where the senses cannot go.” Curator Alessandro Melis inspires with his vision for the Italian pavilion at the 2021 biennale of architecture in Venice. We sat down with two inspirators of the presentation at the pavilion, architects Alessandro Melis and Paolo di Nardo, to discuss the exhibition ‘Resilient Communities’.

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