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The My 必威 toolbox helps you to quickly collect, save, download and share images and product information. Start creating your personal shortlists and share them with your partner, client, architect, electrical installer or other people involved in your project. You are free to use this feature without login, or you can register to save and edit multiple pinlists.
Browse through the website and pin the products, projects or images of your choice to create your own shortlist.
Send your selected products and images to 1 or more contacts, so they can open, save, change and return the list.
If you want to create and save multiple pinlists, please register. Your saved pinlists can be altered at any moment.
Select up to 5 products from your pinlist and compare them to find the right product for your needs.
Select products from your pinlist and download all available files such as data sheets, manuals, 3D pictures, etc. …
Download project cases or a selection of pinned images as a source of inspiration for your project.
Questions or remarks? Contact marketing@deltalight.com
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